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Teron Offroad

The terrain is waiting for you!

Teron Offroad is a complex off road driving simulation. Choose between several cars and explore many different terrains. Collect and upgrade cars to master all terrains and participate in the world championship to become the best driver in the world! Started in 2013 and released for iOS and Android in 2017, the fleet and the number of levels have been constantly expanded and now includes 75 exciting levels and eleven vehicles. Reviewed here. It recently was awarded for the Top 10 Best Off Road Racing Games in 2022!


Awesome Space

Explore new galaxies!

Awesome Space is a simple arcade game with the goal of getting higher and higher scores. The game was developed in 2009 as MamiJump with the Blender Game Engine for Windows XP, then in 2012 as Awesome Jump and finally published in 2019 with the help of the Unity Game Engine under the name Awesome Space. Mentioned in the article "Top Games To Play in September 2020" from GamesKeys. Here's the article!


Teron Racing

Drive your favourite sports cars!

Teron Racing is a simple car racing game in which you can drive time trials and compete against opposing vehicles. It includes various Teron Motors vehicles and over 20 other licensed vehicles. The racing game was released in 2013 for PC and web browser but may soon be re-released for iOS and Android.

The Secret


Character and story orientated Action-Adventure-Epic with spectacular gunfights, a fascinating story and action-packed car races. The game is composed of elements of driving games, adventure and third-person shooter and features open-world gameplay. 23 developers where involved in this project. The project started in 2009 as a hobby in the Blender Game Engine and was then professionalized in 2011 and completely rebuilt in Unity Engine 3. In the following year, AI and parts of the story were implemented and published as a demo.


Cold Autumn Hunt

In this strategy game you travel around the world as the captain of a submarine, explore the ocean and take part in huge sea battles. Released in 2009 for PC, the game was continuously enhanced until 2014. Subsequently, the development with the discontinuation of the Blender Game Engine was also discontinued.

DiTronic's Flight Simulator

Explore the world from above!

The flight simulator was one of DiTronic's first projects, offering multiple maps and multiple aircraft such as the Antonov An-225 and multiple fighter jets. Appeared on this website in 2010, the simulator has been expanded over the years to include more aircraft and the launching of rockets, and it was finally discontinued in 2015 after the Blender Game Engine was discontinued.

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